The Summer Camps Trust

The Summer Camps Trust aims to raise awareness of the social and educational benefits of the unique experiences that summer camps offer

We want to enable many more young people in the UK to enjoy the fun and the learning from taking part in residential summer camps

We believe:

Residential summer camps offer real benefits to children

We want children in the UK today to get the chance of running about and playing together, of having adventures, of making new friends in new places, of exploring the countryside, of laughter and excitement, of having stories at bedtime

We want to support summer camps as a way for children to have real, exciting childhood experiences away from the world of TV, computer games and advertising. The life skills, the positive attitudes and the insights summer camps give are vitally needed

Summer camps should be a treasured national asset

The whole of society and education would gain from wider national recognition of summer camps, similar to that in America and France. We want summer camps to be regarded as important parts of educational provision for young people from all walks of life in the UK

"What is a Summer Camp?"

The Trust is seeking to promote summer camps that we believe offer the maximum benefit for UK society and are most needed within current residential and educational provision in the UK

Here are a few things we think make a great summer camp:

  • Bringing together individual young people from a variety of schools and backgrounds, most of whom do not know each other before the summer camp
  • Living in a residential setting like in a hostel or under canvas
  • Focusing on being a 'holiday', instead of an extension of school
  • Enjoying new experiences and learning new skills
  • Creating conditions for real friendships and community with all those taking part arriving together at the beginning and leaving together at the end
  • Structuring in such a way, through small groups and generous staff-to-children ratios, so that participants experience a happy community, as well as being individually looked after and nurtured